95% of Beef Traders in India are Hindus, says Justice Sachar at RC Degree College in Mathura


New Delhi: Justice Rajinder Sachar, former chief justice of Delhi high court who headed a panel that recommended quota for Muslims in 2006, said in Mathura on Friday that more Hindus are involved in beef trade in the country than Muslims.

“Almost 95% beef traders are Hindus. Still, a man was lynched in Dadri because he ate beef. This is the death of mankind and humanity. Eating habits have nothing to do with religion. Even I can eat beef,” Sachar said.

No sooner had he said this than scholars and teachers started leaving the conference hall in protest. A few of them also switched off the fans and lights in the hall, demanding Sachar to stop his address. Later, he tried to pacify the audience by adding that he only meant to highlight the plight of Muslims who were being targeted unnecessarily due to the beef controversy.

Among the audience present at the venue, Mr. Shiv Ram Bhardwaj, a teacher at a Degree College, Mathura did not like the comment made by Mr. Sachar and told that Mr. Sachar tried to turn a “pro Muslim topic into an Hindu one”. Another teacher present at the venue Yaduraj Yadav told Justice Sachar should not have made reference to Hindus and their scriptures to drive home his point.

Several scholars and delegates from India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada and other countries were present at the Conference.

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