Amit Shah Failed in Bihar Election by Negative Campaigning – Blame Game Started in BJP


New Delhi: Once again Amit Shah failed in Bihar election by negative campaigning. BJP chief Amit Shahs tactics of relying on outsiders over locals has earned a lot of flak, never mind that the party has officially blamed the social arithmetic from the alliance between Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar for the Bihar debacle.

Now that Bihar has been lost, and badly at that, by the BJP, horror stories have started trickling in about the way the election was mismanaged by a person who had won laurels only 18 months ago for steering the party’s Lok Sabha campaign and earned for himself the moniker Chanakya.

Radhika Ramaseshan narrates one incident in The Telegraph, Kolkata, of Union minister Nitin Gadkari setting out for Bihar to campaign but being told by a member of Amit Shahs war-room at the last minute that his campaign for the day was off – no reasons given. Gadkariji was stunned because no reasons were given. Before he could seek one, the caller switched off, a Gadkari aide said, she reports.

We were regarded as useless people. The Delhi bosses only spoke to two or three state leaders like Sushil Modi and Mangal Pandey and ignored the rest. When that happened, many workers retired to their homes, thinking ‘If there is no work for us, we may as well relax and spend time with our families’.

Radhikas report narrates instances of the wrong people from outside the state were sent out to campaign in Bihar either because their surname happened to be Yadav or their constituency boasted of Biharis, or for other silly reasons. The Mumbai BJP chief Ashish Shelar was stationed in Bihar for weeks, but no one knew what he was told to do.

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