India had the Most Bombings in the World in 2016, Higher than Iraq and Afghanistan

NEW DELHI: India had the highest number of bomb blasts in the world in the past year, according to a report of the National Bomb Data Centre (NBDC), which functions within India’s primary counter-terror force, the National Security Guard (NSG).

India’s number is even higher than that of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

Last year, there were 337 Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) blasts in India.

Neighbouring Pakistan witnessed a total of 161 incidents during 2016 followed by Afghanistan where 132 bombings were recorded, 92 in Turkey, 71 in Thailand, 63 in South Africa, 56 in Syria, Egypt 42 and 29 in Bangladesh among others.

In 2015, there were 268 IED blasts, and 190 blasts in 2014, 283 blasts in 2013 and 365 in 2012.

The states which suffered the highest number of IED blasts last year were Chhattisgarh-60, Kerala-33, Manipur-64, Odisha-29, Tamil Nadu-32 and West Bengal-30.

Iraq witnessed 221 IED blast incidents, the second highest last year. Pakistan was at the third place with 161 IED blasts. About 132 IED blasts took place in Afghanistan, 92 in Turkey, 71 in Thailand, 63 in Somalia and 56 in Syria.

In 2015, Iraq witnessed 170 IED blasts, Pakistan 208, Afghanistan 121, Iraq 170 and Syria 41.

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